When i was young i did not have many friends but i grew up i had less then before. I was okay with it. My very close vriends stayed who cared about me and cared about them. I did not worried about people think of me. I still do not trust i am at the shy around people and when i am comfortable with someone that i show my true colors. Just like everyone else I wear a mask to hide the real me. As i get older my mask is busy to break my face as i am becoming stronger. I am who i am and not what anyone wants me to be. My best friend told me once in the following years. She will follow me. And at that moment i relised that i need to stop being like others and start to make my self the real me.


What is love? 

Love it is something that you can see touch with your heart. When you love someone your heart starts to beat faster and slower at the same time. Love is also when you can not get enough of each other. You can’t wait to see that person again. You miss that person every second when you are not with them. Love is beautifull. Love you can only feel once and only you will know when you feel it. Love is not to do everything for someone and hope to get attention. Love is pure and love everywhere around you. Love is to grow old with someone who you never get tired of. When you think you love someone ask yourself two questions:
 1* Do you know the diffrence between:
    ~i love you
    ~love you
2* Do you see yourself standing on your wedding day saying “I do” Without thinking about it?
If you can do that then you know love and how it works. 

The story about the white feather❤

When I was young, my grandfather told me the story before he passed away. From now on when I get a white feather, I know my grandfather is with me and the Lord too.
One day long ago, there was an old man and he was on his way to a bar because he was an alcoholic. He could not stop drinking at all. He leads to depression. One day he drove to the bar, he stood by the road without gasoline alone and away from everyone and everything. He got out of his car and sat down on his knee and prayed: “Lord help me, I do not want to drink anymore, I do not want to live anymore. It hurts to live. My wife left me my children wrote me off no one else ask me what do i do i’m lost help me on the way i want to follow you! But when he went to a car something strange happened. A white feather landed on his car and as he picked up the feather he changed all and he realized the Lord listened and he was there to help his children in need.

Do not be afraid to pray and ask for help.

Today I just want to say it’s okay if you feel unhappy, angry or stressed. Life is a challenge and one must remember life is actually beautiful. It sometimes feels like you wake up that every day is the same and the same routines are. Today I tell you if you get up then you are wrong. Everyone has been placed on the ground for a reason. I want to tell you every dear one of you has an uniqueness that tells who you are. Find out why you’re on earth, find out who you are. There are just two wonderful days in each one’s life and that’s when you’re born and the day you figure out what’s your “purpose” here on earth. Not everyone has a lot of money. Not everyone is the same. Work your self to success and be kind and kind to your success because you may need those people if you have weakness again in your life. Help others who are struggling. Find the reason why you are on earth and you will come after your whole life will have an opinion when you get up in the morning.


Trust is not something you can buy but it is something that must be earned. The hardest thing in life is to learn not to trust other so easily. Life is full of choices and opportunities. Most people don’t even see the true meaning of life. Everyday there are opportunities and we need to start opening our eyes and see them. It is true what people say:” you do not know what you had until you’ve lost it” People don’t make mistakes but we make lessons that we have learned. There is one way to truly know yourself and to know where you are going in life and that way starts with a prayer. Pray not to just ask for things but to say thank you for everything around you. Everyone has problems but out there in the world there is someone with a bigger problem then yours. Life is full of challenges yes but it is not to make you weak but to prepare you for the future challenges. Think of a problem you had a few years ago and think now how you could have handled it. Now you would handle it much better then in that time. Stop trying to figure things out for yourself and start talking to others. There are people out there who really care and want to help you. Lots of people love you and it is time you see that. Remember you are never alone and always be the best that you can be but not for others but for yourself. Don’t change for others because if someone truly loves you for who you are they will not want you to change at all. Hope this helps you guys a lot.